11 listopada 2014

all has own place and time

From the pain come the dream
From the dream come the vision
From the vision come the people
From the people come the power
From this power come the change

Peter Gabriel "Fourteen Black Paintings"

Hello you...

I'm delighted with the gift of writing, particularly how easy it comes and in results it gives me a great pleasure. Shortly speaking I'm keen on discribing feelings, thoughts and everything which comes from mind and depth od soul. 
I appreciate trusting in myself and the self-rielance still more often. I'm proud of being the exceptional one and of my individual approach to life experiences.
You know? Finally I've discovered the source of life: unconditional trusting myself and accepting each expierence.  I  see (undarstand) that each experienceis important and valuable. There are neither bad or good ones. Every experience contributes to internal development to overcoaming mental limits enables meeting with thoughtshapes looking like fears, dispels all doubts.

Well, fears have big eyes ang nothing more, have they? Thet's why I have been dispeling my fears for many years. Time to time I have a need to surrender and feel fear in every breath to trasform its enegy into power of life. Sometimes I push it up loading my responsibility on somebody else. Anyway I trust my intuition, rely on myself and love life which I choose everyday consciously or subconsciously.
I'm conscious of subconsciousness existence. I know, only carefull being in every experience allows to discover it - to see its activities. That's knowingness.

The main reasons are me, me, me. I'm who I'm with human tools: instinct, intellect, body and intuition

Still alive, with an inexhaustible enthusiasm for life and with love
yours D.

english exercises with M.

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